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Pregnant Woman - Doctor Angela Intili M.D.

Doctor Angela Intili M.D. has developed a personal relationship with many of her patients and maintains a positive reputation throughout the Joliet medical community. Here’s what just a few of her patients had to say about working with Angela.

7/28/16 — Andrea B.:

"Dr. Intili provided excellent care through everything from my first appointment, the surgery itself and post op questions. I was lucky enough to have no issues after my surgery and trusted that Dr. Intili knew exactly what medications would help me best."

7/5/16 — Laura C.:

"I appreciate how comforting the Dr was before the procedure. I was very nervous as this was my first time going under. The Dr explained everything throughly and it helped ease nerves."

7/5/16 — Kathleen U.:

"Dr. Intili was very thourough in explaining what she would be doing during my surgery and what might be some after effects i would have. She is very concerned and knowledgeable doctor. Everything went well. I never felt a thing and had very little discomfort afterwards."

5/16/16 — Joann:

"Dr. Intili is wonderful, she took her time to explain everything in detail. While she discussed my surgery with my family, she returned late into the evening of my surgery to discuss with me while I was coherent. Very attentive."

5/16/16 — Shawntina:

"Dr. Intili is a wonderful doctor. She provided the best care. My surgery was smooth and my husband was informed of everything, every step of the way. Any questions or concerns we had were awnsered. Dr. Intili's staff are great. She is by far the best gyn I've had in years"

5/6/16 — Mary:

"I had the HTA procedure in December. It was uncomfortable, however, I no longer have any issues with my period. It was worth it."

2/26/16 — Tiffine B.:

“Dr. Intili is amazing at her job. She listens, takes the time with you to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable. She is very well know and has an excellent reputation. She has compassion and it shows. I trust her completely.

I have had several procedures done by her including HTC ablation which was a huge success and recently a laparoscopy to remove cysts, adhesions and fibroids. My family was extremely impressed with the way she and the hospital kept them informed during the surgery. I always recommend Dr. Intili when I’m asked by friends or co-workers who my Doctor is."

5/19/15 — Kristen Swanson:

“Excellent service all around! Dr. Intili was able to quickly diagnose my condition and provided various options with pros and cons of each procedure. She awnsered all of my questions to put my mind at ease. The office staff is friendly and easy to work with."

5/19/15 — Latasha M wrote:

“She is an amazing OB, she explained everything to me that I had questions about. She helped to call me when I was freaking out about pre term labor. With her advice I was able to keep my baby in my belly till 38 weeks. I recommend her to all my friends and family. ”

04/20/12 — The Barker Family wrote:

“Thank you so much for everything!! We so appreciated you and your staff’s confident, professional, sweet kind care throughout our pregnancy. Your words, actions and care will forever be a part of our story & memories.”

03/07/2011 — Angela wrote:

“Patient and caring. Was seeing Doctor Angela Intili M.D. for many years. I loved going to her! She was always so patient and caring and never rushing you to get to next patient. Always offering advice and never made you feel embarrassed. Unfortunately, I had to find a new doctor because of changing insurance. She does not take United but I am still looking for someone to compare to her. I really miss her.”

08/25/2009 — Vicky wrote:

“Wonderful doctor!!! I have gone to see Doctor Angela Intili M.D. twice for woman problems and she is great - had to have out -patient surgery and she was totally wonderful, she really cares about her patients. My husband and sister both were there and they loved her. I would suggest any woman who wants a caring, honest, and wonderful doctor go see Dr. Intili.”

10/01/2015 — Rosa wrote:

“I believe that Dr. Angela Intili is a wonderful doctor. She was very thorough in her approach to serving my healthcare problem. I had a surgical procedure in August. She presented all my options and answered and explained all my questions and concerns. My procedure went well and my recovery has been excellent! Dr. Intili has a wonderful bedside manner at the hospital as well as great post-op care at her office. I feel that she personally cared about my well-being and is very reassuring. Her office staff is great as well. Thank you Dr. Intili and staff.”

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