Doctor Angela Intili M.D.

Doctor Angela Intili M.D. is a Sole Practitioner at the Joliet, IL location. She is a Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and a Fellow in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1996. She is a member of the American Medical Association as well as the Italian – American Doctor’s Association. Doctor Angela Intili M.D. is a physician who has dedicated herself in providing superior, professional care for her patients, serving the Joliet and surrounding communities for over 20 years.

She is well versed in treating pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, menopausal syndrome and uterine fibroids. She also provides obstetrics and gynecology care, minimally invasive surgery, family planning services. Doctor Angela Intili M.D. is also educated and practicing in A4 Anti-Aging as well as Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Doctor Angela Intili M.D. was born in Italy, and attended private academies for her education.

Dr. Intili M.D. attended the University Of Pavia in Italy before continuing on to graduate from Illinois Benedictine College in 1981. Upon the earning of her prestigious Doctorate of Medicine & Surgery with distinction in 1987, she completed a Surgical Internship at the University of Pavia in 1989. Her residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology took place at Columbus-Cabrini Medical Center with affiliation to Northwestern University Medical Center from 1990-1994. Doctor Angela Intili M.D. has also gained related experience by working in Surgical Pathology at the Loyola University Medical Center from 1981-1990, and from Medical Symposium at the University of Pavia Policlinico, San Matteo.

Doctor Angela Intili M.D. has conducted research in both the clinical and pathological classification of Hodgkin’s disease, and drafted a series of articles in Hematology(a monthly publication) and Surgery(a quarterly publication), both directed torwards the European medical profession.

In Office Proceedures

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Dr. Intili delivered both of my children and hopefully will deliver any future children! We have always felt heard, cared for and important in Dr. Intili’s care. She is thorough and personal in her care, remembering our concerns and needs whether in the office or on the labor & delivery floor at the hospital! She goes above & beyond for her patients and I am always happy to be in her care!


Frequently asked

What Insurance does your practice take?
Some insurance companies we accept: BlueCross Blue Shield PPO, BlueCross Blue Shield Presence EPO, BlueCross Blue Shield Presence St. Joe’s HMO, BlueCross Blue Shield Silver Cross HMO, Aetna PPO (Choice POS), Cigna PPO (Open Access), United Health Care PPO (Choice Plus) and Humana PPO (Open Access)
What office procedures do you perform in the office?
The following are performed at our office: Leep Procedure, Colposcopy Procedure, Cryosurgery  and  Endometrial  ablation  via  novasure ,  and  hysteroscopy
Is your practice able to do OB Ultrasound at the office?
We  perform  obstetrical  ultrasounds  and  gynecological
Which hospital(s) are you affiliated with?
Silver  Cross  Hospital  and  Adventist  St  Joseph  Hospital
Which hospitals do Dr Angela Intili deliver at?

Silver  Cross  Hospital  and  Adventist  St  Joseph  Hospital

Is Dr Angela Intil a Sole Practitioner?

Yes  ,  I have  been  solo practitioner  since  1994

Do you perform Gynecological Ultrasounds?


How often do I need a pap smear?
New guidelines  are 3-5  years,  however  a  pelvic  exam  may  be  needed  every year
At what age do I need a pap smear?
21  years  old
What age is menopause?
A median  age  of  menopause  is  54 years  old.  Perimenopause  may  begin 5-7 years earlier  ,  presents  with  irregular menses,  hot  flashes,  irritability    due  to  the  lack  of  progesterone ,  at  times  progesterone  supplement  may  improve  some of  these  symptoms
Are there conservative measures for hot flashes?

At  times  over  the  counter  supplement  may help,  however  some  contains  soy  which  should  be  avoided  in  women with  hormonal  related  cancers

How safe is hormonal replacement therapy?
There are  clear  benefits  to  hormonal  replacement  therapy ,  decreasing  the  risk of  cardiac  heart  disease,  osteoporosis,  and cognition. These  benefits are  present  within  the first  5  years of menopause.