What is LEEP?

LEEP stands for “loop electrosurgical excision procedure.” It’s named for the tool the doctor uses and how the tool works. It has a wire loop on the end. An electric current heats the wire loop so your doctor can remove (excise) some cells and tissue on your cervix or in your vagina.

Why Have LEEP?

Your doctor may have recommended a LEEP if your Pap smear or a tissue sample from your cervix showed some cells that didn’t look normal. You may also get one if your doctor found something unusual during an examination of your vagina. Doctors use LEEP to diagnose or treat abnormal things, including cells that look like they might become cancer.

Before you agree to get one, make sure your doctor explains:

  • Why they want you to have one
  • What the results could mean
  • What the risks, benefits, and complications could be
  • Who will do it
  • If there are other options

What to Expect

A LEEP usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes. In most cases, you can have it done at your doctor’s office. You’ll lie on the exam table and your doctor will use a speculum to open your vagina, as if you were getting a Pap smear.

Your doctor will look at your cervix and the inside of your vagina using something called a colposcope. It looks a little bit like a microscope, and it lets your doctor look at the cells close up. Your doctor will put it near your vagina, but not inside.

To get a good look at the cells, your doctor may clean and soak your cervix with a vinegary liquid. It can make abnormal cells turn white and make them easier to see. It may sting a little. Then you’ll get a small shot in the area to numb it.

Next, your doctor will put the LEEP tool through the speculum into your vagina and take out abnormal tissue. How much your doctor takes depends on whether they’re using the LEEP to figure out what’s wrong or to treat the problem.

During the LEEP, you may feel cramps or like there is pressure inside. Some women feel faint. Tell your doctor if you get lightheaded or you feel like you might pass out.

After Your LEEP

You’ll be able to go home right after it’s done. The tool closes up your blood vessels, so there shouldn’t be much bleeding. Your doctor will put medicine on the area to stop what little bleeding there is. The medication can cause a dark discharge or spotting for a few days.

Your doctor will probably give you instructions for when you go home. You’ll probably have to avoid some things for a few weeks:

  • Douching
  • Using tampons
  • Sex
  • Strenuous activity
  • Heavy lifting

Check with your doctor before you take any over-the-counter pain meds. Some of them can make bleeding more likely.

The Risks

There are a few associated with a LEEP, including:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Changes or scarring in your cervix
  • Trouble getting pregnant
  • Having a premature or small baby

Call your doctor right away if you have:

  • Bleeding heavier than your period
  • Bleeding with chunks in it (clots)
  • Discharge from your vagina that smells bad
  • Fever or chills
  • Severe pain in your belly

In Office Proceedures

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Angela Intili M.D.

I came to Dr. Intili on referral when the gynecologist I had been a patient to retired in 2021. I found Dr. Intili and her staff to be cordial and very professional. After i began to follow in her care she suggested a test and re-examination in 6 months. My uterus had thickened lining and she recommended a procedure to investigate this condition. A number of pre-tests were required by the hospital. Dr. Intili and her staff walked me through this process and the histoscopy was performed. I am fortunate that it is not benign. She explained all to me, and provided good follow up instructions and guidance . Dr. Intili is bright, personable , and very competent in her chosen profession. I intend to continue with her, and will certainly recommend her to my friends as opportunities arise.

Carol Cooley

Dr. Intili delivered both of my children and hopefully will deliver any future children! We have always felt heard, cared for and important in Dr. Intili’s care. She is thorough and personal in her care, remembering our concerns and needs whether in the office or on the labor & delivery floor at the hospital! She goes above & beyond for her patients and I am always happy to be in her care!


Dr. Intili delivered both of my children and hopefully will deliver any future children! We have always felt heard, cared for and important in Dr. Intili’s care. She is thorough and personal in her care, remembering our concerns and needs whether in the office or on the labor & delivery floor at the hospital! She goes above & beyond for her patients and I am always happy to be in her care!


Dr. Intili and her staff have offered excellent care during my recent hysterectomy and follow up appointments. Doctor has always treated my complicated case with the best knowledge and technology. At the same time of procedure I was nervous and worried about the hospital stay and she was incredibly caring ! I never doubted her care plan. Dr. Intili’s staff and the nurses at the St-Joe’s were so kind and patient with me as I healed. The front desk attendants have been so wonderful on the phone as I made appointments and asked questions. From start to finish, it’s been a great experience and I highly recommend Dr. Intili and her staff for gynecological care!

Cailey Walker

Wish there was a way to “clone” Dr. Intili !!!! then she could practice EVERYWHERE !!!! 
Thank you so much you’ve helped change my life

Delle West

Dr. Intili has been an amazing Dr. She delivered our first child and is always so thorough. She has always treated us with the upmost care and respect. I would go to follow ups with my child(daughter #1) and Intili is always so caring to me and my daughter. We became pregnant again and Dr. Intili is my number one Dr, even now with child number 2, Dr. Intili is so kind and understanding if I need to bring both girls with me to appointments she is by far the best dr caring human being we’ve met, and honestly does anything at my time of the day or night to resume her patients and to make sure we always had her there. Thank you so much for being you and respecting our family. You are an example of what a good doctor and human should be like.

Erin & Galaxia Martin

Dr. Intili was referred to me when Dr. Khather retired. I wasn’t so sure about the change, but I gave her try. I’m so glad that I did. There is a level of empathy that Dr. Intili provides that adds to the thoroughness of her practice. I would imagine that it would be difficult to meet expectations that a lot of patients have from Dr. Khather. But she has surpassed mine.

Mary Jane Wolfe

Dr. Intili and her staff were very helpful in getting surgery schedule very quickly. They also called and checked up on me while in recovery. Everyone is friendly and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Intili and her staff. They are the best office I have ever been to. 
I’m so happy I found them.

Marcie McMickon

I have been a patient of Dr. Intili’s for over 29 years. While she is an amazing physician and surgeon she is also one of the most caring and compassionate people I have met.

Michelle Schoenhofen

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What Insurance does your practice take?
Some insurance companies we accept: BlueCross Blue Shield PPO, BlueCross Blue Shield Presence EPO, BlueCross Blue Shield Presence St. Joe’s HMO, BlueCross Blue Shield Silver Cross HMO, Aetna PPO (Choice POS), Cigna PPO (Open Access), United Health Care PPO (Choice Plus) and Humana PPO (Open Access)
What office procedures do you perform in the office?
The following are performed at our office: Leep Procedure, Colposcopy Procedure, Cryosurgery  and  Endometrial  ablation  via  novasure ,  and  hysteroscopy
Is your practice able to do OB Ultrasound at the office?
We  perform  obstetrical  ultrasounds  and  gynecological
Which hospital(s) are you affiliated with?
Silver  Cross  Hospital  and  Adventist  St  Joseph  Hospital
Which hospitals do Dr Angela Intili deliver at?

Silver  Cross  Hospital  and  Adventist  St  Joseph  Hospital

Is Dr Angela Intil a Sole Practitioner?

Yes  ,  I have  been  solo practitioner  since  1994

Do you perform Gynecological Ultrasounds?


How often do I need a pap smear?
New guidelines  are 3-5  years,  however  a  pelvic  exam  may  be  needed  every year
At what age do I need a pap smear?
21  years  old
What age is menopause?
A median  age  of  menopause  is  54 years  old.  Perimenopause  may  begin 5-7 years earlier  ,  presents  with  irregular menses,  hot  flashes,  irritability    due  to  the  lack  of  progesterone ,  at  times  progesterone  supplement  may  improve  some of  these  symptoms
Are there conservative measures for hot flashes?

At  times  over  the  counter  supplement  may help,  however  some  contains  soy  which  should  be  avoided  in  women with  hormonal  related  cancers

How safe is hormonal replacement therapy?
There are  clear  benefits  to  hormonal  replacement  therapy ,  decreasing  the  risk of  cardiac  heart  disease,  osteoporosis,  and cognition. These  benefits are  present  within  the first  5  years of menopause.